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​​CBD what do we know?

1.      CBD stands for Cannabinoid - C21H3002
2.      It is found in :

  • ​Marijuana
  •  Hemp
  • The human body

3.      Hemp is a sister of marijuana, but they are very different.
4.      Marijuana contains:

  • a.       THC which is a psychotic and acts on the brain center.
  • b.      CBD which is not a psychotic

5.      The human body contains cannabinoids naturally B1 and CB2.
6.      Both CB1 and CB2 receptors exist throughout the body, though a greater number of CB1 are present in the brain, and

a greater number of CB2 are present in the immune system.
7.      CB1 receptors in the brain deal with the following:
a.       Coordination; b.   Movement;  c. Pain; d.  Emotions ;e.  Mood; f. Appetite; g.  Memories; h. Other functions
8.      THC attaches to these receptors.
9.      CB2 receptors affect:
a.       Inflammation;  b.  Pain
10.   CBD does not appear to attach to any receptors, but seems to direct the body to use more of its’ own cannabinoids.
11.   It is because of this that several research studies have determined CBD has medical benefits.

CBD Benefits:
1.      There are research studies that indicate or suggest that CBD reduces:
a.       Anxiety – PTS, Panic disorders, social anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders.
b.      Mood related symptoms;  c. Pain;  d. Insomnia
2.      Treatments:
a.       FDA approved CBD as therapy for epilepsy.
b.      Use for psychotic diseases
c.       Neurodegeneration
d.      Neural injury
e.      Anti-inflammatory aid for Type 1 Diabetes.
f.        Acne
g.       Stabilize Alzheimer’s.

CBD – Cannabidiol plus Coconut oil:
Many oils require a ‘carrier’ to help a product penetrate into the bodies system. Fractional coconut MCT is a coconut oil that has its longer fat molecule removed to isolate the medium triglycerides , (MCT), this is considered the best carrier.
Coconut oil is derived from the fruit and is considered by itself a super-oil, because of its natural properties, such as antioxidants, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
How many mg’s are you getting?
CBD comes in a variety of forms:
·       External use: Creams and lotions, mixed with a wide variety of other products.
·       Internal use: As a tincture with a carrier oil alone, or with other products.
·       The amount of CBD in a product will be reduced when used, as it is often diluted by the addition of other oils and products. For example

BIOTONE sells a bottle of lotion that is 11.2fl oz, with 660mg’s of CBD. It is uncertain just how much CBD is used per massage.
·       The tincture also by BIOTONE is 1oz with 630mg’s, an eye dropper holds about 30ml of oil, which is a mixture of a minimum of 6 other oils.

Creams and lotions work well for an all over body or focus massage, this has a suggested benefit of reducing the soreness often experienced with deep tissue work.