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Core Energy Coaching is a product of IPEC, and all statements about it are a direct result of their teaching and studies. Visit for more in depth information.

Core Energy Coaching refers to the acknowledgement of various levels of energy that allows a person to consciously decide how they wish "to show up", and how they wish to present themselves for the best results for success of intention. 

​This is a partnership between the coach and the client, with the client discovering that they have all the information they need to move forward into positive action.  An IPEC coach understands that everyone has their own unique journey, and that as a coach we must allow them to follow their path as they see it and want it, with no judgement or leading. Once the partnership begins, progress is inevitable, and self awareness blossoms.

 What is fundamentally special about IPEC coaching is the connecting of the intellect with the  emotions and the physical response to a thought or word, allowing for a complete conscious understanding of what is holding the client back, or holding them in place,  or learning what is the true full feeling of resolve and understanding in that moment. 

  • Life Experience and Transitions


  • Chase Investers Management Corp - Portfolio Investment Assistant.
  • The Unicorn Group - Vice President Administration - Investment Management.
  • Bridge Companies - Controller/Treasurer/HR -Vender of last sale (stock market) information.
  • Affinity Plus, Inc - VP. Administration, Secretary/Treasurer/Board of Directors - Systems Integrator.

Independent Contractor:

  • Precision Wellness - Medical Massage Professional - Pain management, postural change, increased range of motion, sports recovery and maintenance.
  • J.M.Enterprises - Consulting - Office Administration/Human Resources.
  • T.O.S - Tennis Organizing Service - Designing/implementing competitive tennis program.
  • Marx Creative - Prop Stylist for Walgreens Cable channel for Health and Wellness.

Business Owner:

  • ​Head Threads - Custom Straw Hats - Golf , Kentucky Derby - President, Designer, Production management.


  • Phillips 66/MVTA - Men and women's adult seasonal tennis competition - Event manager.
  • Senior Olympics - Competitive tennis for men and women 50 years old and above - Event manager.
  • Polo - Event planner and operations - Foundation support for troubled childrens home and school.
  • ​Hanes - Annual  International Corporate televised event - Event Assistant.
  • Milwaukee Zoo -  Online Auction Fundraising Event - Event Manager.

Retail: Merchandiser/Floor design/Inventory control.

  • Private Golf Facilities - Merchandise Purchaser.
  • Tommy Bahama - Supervisor and Window/merchandise display.
  • C.O.Bigelow - Associate manager, events.


  • USSGA - Tennis State Championships, assistant event.
  • Saint Louis Tennis Association - Board member/News Letter Design.