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Undulation: Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young  by Anita Boser, LMP, CHP, BCSIcm, RYT-500 (p.,1)

​"Undulation will help you diminish stiffness, whether you wake up with it each morning or just get sore after activity. In addition, undulation improves athletic performance, increase body intelligence, develops underused muscles, creates flexibility, and helps you move more easily and effortlessly. "(P.,1)

​"Why is fluid movement important?

  • Fluid is functional
  • Fluid is shorthand as it includes range and end range.
  • Fluidity expands motion.​W
Why is subtle movement important?
  • Subtle is how the body works, Gross is how the mind works.
  • It is the difference between injurious and non-injurious movement.
  • Tiny changes make for big impacts.
  • ​Breath, the quintessential subtle movement, affects everything"   Anita Boser, LMP, CHP, BCSIcm, RYT-500  www.undulationexercises.com