*The Bretzel Stretch

​Classic T spine (Thoracic spine) rotation, works exceptionally well because it takes the lower extremities out of the picture, and forces the roatation to occur at the thoracic region. 

​The additional assistance of the manual therapist, allows the client to 'feel' the movement.

Additional benefits from this movement address the following issues:

  • Lack of rotation at the thoracic region feeds issues into the shoulder complex.
  • Poor mechanics pushes forces into the scapular (shoulder blades)
  • ​Transfers forces up cervical spine  (neck) and down , lumbar spine (low back issues).

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Using a simple, well known exercise* (Bretzel Stretch) as a model to improve form and function , starting with a single movement, rotation.

​By its self this is a simple action, that is easily understood and that can be  duplicated. 

What I bring to this is the ability to see and make changes within this framework.​

 I watch  and determine:

  • 1:How easily a person can set up physically .
  • ​2: Can the client place their hand effectively on the small of their back.
  • ​3: Are there any differences from the right to left sides.
  • ​4: What parts of the body are they using to achieve the movement.
  • ​5: How aware are they of the process and how their body achieves the movement.

​All these parts are important to achieve a functional goal, in this case rotation. 


​Taking into account the above 5 steps, I start to work on several areas,.

  • ​Set up issues, I will make modifications to allow a comfortable position, an inability to flex various areas, is not part of this exercise.
  • ​Shoulder issues often pop up, in many cases an old injury that has healed mechanically, but not physically.  Sometimes simply becomingaware can resolve a situation. Deep chronic restrictions need to be discussed as part of the plan.
  • ​Body awareness techniques allows the body to mirror the stronger more effective side. This is a powerful tool, and can be used in many ways.
  • ​Disconnecting the use of other parts of the body, such as twisting the arm, head and neck, or pushing off with the other arm, changes how they achieve the movement, and leads to gaining stability and flexibility.
  • ​Touching areas of the body that are engaging, and have them actively engage the same areas on the side that is not engaging , leads to greater body awareness.

How does this relate and help the golf swing?

  • ​It increases rotation , throughout the body in an even way.
  • Balance of both sides increases stability, and fluidity.
  • ​Increases fluidity by engaging all the muscle fibers throughout the motion, allowing for greater power transfer.
  • ​Balanced strength and flexibility decreases the possibilities of fatigue and injury.